Monday, April 4, 2016

Geeky Baby Bibs

This post is sponsored. All craft ideas and general geeky love is my own. 

I'm a geeky mom. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Hero movies? I view them as rite of passages in my kids lives. I love taking them to Comic Con and I love when they want to dress up as something geeky for Halloween. It only seems natural that geekiness extends to the littlest ones too. What kind of geeky mom would I be if I didn't make adorable geeky bibs? 

You will need:
  • baby bibs without plastic on the back
  • white heat transfer
  • an iron
  • a Cricut or other way to cut the vinyl

To make this shirt, head over to the Explore site and select the great big blue, Create a New Project button.

This shirt is actually really simple to make. You just need to write your geeky saying in a text box and size it correctly. I wanted a simple and easy to read font for the bibs. I knew they would need frequent washing and I didn't want extra little things that might come up. The font I used for the words was Gill Sans and the words were about an inch high. I used a favorite saying from one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who for the first bib, with I Speak Baby and then just used a cute saying I had heard for the second one. These Fools Put My Cape on Backwards.

When you hit cut, it will ask you how many you plan to make, so if can plan your mats accordingly. It will groups the different color items onto different mats because it assumes you want to cut them out with separate colors and my absolute favorite part of the Explore? A check box that you can check that says you are printing this with iron-on and it will mirror everything for you. Kind of fantastic.

 After you cut the words, weed out the negative part and then you are ready to apply it to your bib. It is much easier to have bibs that do not have plastic on the back of them, but you can make it work if  you have ones with plastic on the back.

Place the carrier sheet, vinyl side down onto the shirt and then iron straight onto the plastic carrier sheet, making sure all of the areas of the word get high heat for 30 seconds. Make sure to move the iron frequently if you are using a bib with plastic on the back. DO NOT use a heat press if you are using a bib with plastic on the back. It WILL melt the plastic.

Start to peel the plastic off the bib and if any letters pull up, make sure they are covered with the plastic and iron that part again.

Ideas for other geeky bibs. 
Lord of the Rings- What About Second Breakfast?
Doctor Who- Are You My Mummy? I wear Bibs Now, Bibs Are cool! Fish Fingers and Custard Please. 
Harry Potter- Muggle Born, Accio Food, Mommy's Little Muggle

What other geeky things would you put on a bib?
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