Thursday, May 26, 2016

Doctor Who Craft Room Tour

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Is it possible to be a casual Whovian? If it is, I haven't met anyone who has managed it yet. There is something about the Doctor, the Tardis and all of the companions that seeps into your soul and comes out in every part of your life. 

Over the past few years, I have slowly accumulated more and more Doctor Who items. My best friend and I do the 12 days of Doctor Who for each other at Christmas time, and my husband was sick of the Tardis being all over our house. When we moved and I finally got the work space of my dreams, I decided a Doctor Who flare was just what it needed. Here, let me take you on a tour.  

 I use bookshelves and baskets for a lot of the storage in my craft room It makes things easy to find and I like have the matching basket colors. These baskets all came from the dollar store, so it was affordable too.

What would a Doctor Who craft room be without a couple of fezzes? Major awesome bonus points that one of these fezzes has been worn by Matt Smith.

This little cupboard is full of Pop vinyl figures for my kids. I always like to have a couple of areas in my office that has things for my kids, so they can play while I work. I love that this little Tardis closes so I can keep all their toys picked up when they aren't playing. This Tardis cupboard was purchased at a home decor store called At Home, I haven't been able to find it online, but it seems like all of their stores have in it in store.

My very favorite storage option for a craftroom is a massive peg board. I picked this one up at Home Depot and spray painted the heck out of it. It is really easy to hang on the wall and it can hold so much. My peg board holds my tools (I have my own hammer, wrenches, pliers) scissors (sewing, paper, pinking shears), all my different colors of baker's twine, my extensive collection of Mod Podge and all of my tape.

 I use a large candy jar for all of my washi tape and a darling large mason jar for beads. I also have a shelf above the pegboard that holds all of my different colored buttons.

Next to the pegboard is my kids cart, which is full of my kids crafting supplies, buttons, stickers, pipe cleaners. All of the things my kids are allowed to craft with whenever they want. On top of the car is a super cool pull string Tardis Pinata that I made for my daughter's 5th birthday, one day I will write a tutorial for that! Above it, are my thread racks, with a glorious thread rainbow. I just bought wall thread racks from a craft store and stacked two of them on top of each other for a larger rack. 

The back of the door makes a great place for a door rack and my ribbon storage. I can see everything to find what I need quickly but it is all easily organized. This is the rack I have and it really works great for ribbon, just seconds to install. 

I am so fantastically lucky to have a great section of cabinets and a sink in my craft room. We have no idea what the previous owners used this room for, or why you would put a sink in what is supposed to be a bedroom, but I will take it! Under the cabinets I have pull out drawers with my paint, felt and other odds and ends of crafting. 

 I use a large bookshelf at the end of the cabinets to hold all of my fabric. I wrapped each kind of fabric around a piece of cardboard to form a mini bolt and then stood it up on the shelf.

I use my counter space for most of my crafting machines. Sewing machines, my Cricut and a heat press. I use a Cricut Explore Air for my die cutting, heat transfer and vinyl projects and I absolutely love it. My favorite machine ever. So easy to use. I use a Singer Heat Press for my heat transfer projects and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made, it is just that little extra step to make sure your heat transfer is really set. If you do a lot of heat transfer projects, get one! 

 How cute is that little Tardis Nightlight over the sink? Seriously, I adore it. The Doctor Who pinboards are too adorable to use for hanging notes.

I have large filing shelves for all of my different kinds of paper and I love how organized it keeps me. The paper stays nice and crisp in shelves and it is all pretty easy to find. I know this is a Doctor Who craft room, but a little Star Wars love seeps in here and there. 

 I keep a full photography studio up in my craft room. It makes photographing my kids and projects so easy. I have a backdrop up at all times with a easy PVC stand that I made and my photography lights too, which you can't see because I am using them to take the photos.

My Doctor Who wall is above my work station and it is my favorite part of the room. It has all of my pictures with Matt Smith, Billy Piper, Karen Gillan and John Barrowman on the wall.

My super amazing Tardis display case holds all of my mini figures. My amazing best friend made this one for me and it is easily my favorite part of the room. You can find the minifigures that the case if full of here, but I warn you, it is almost impossible to stop buying them once you start.

Also in the Doctor Who Gallery Wall, a paint stick Union Jack and a Quilled Paper Tardis my husband made for me.

 I keep all of my vinyl in rolls at the foot of the desk. It looks super cute in a crate and is convenient storage too.

If you want more information on anything feel free to watch the tour I did of my craft room on FB live below.

This room is my favorite one in our house. It provides a geeky sancturary for me and has everything I need to get my job done.

Thread Rack
Over the Door Rack
Heat Press
Tardis Night Light
Cricut Explore Air
Doctor Who Pops

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