Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free Travel Printables for Kids

Long before we had kids, we love to take long road trips. We took our first road with kids when our daughter was 2 weeks old. Since then we have traveled across the country multiple times and have had a blast doing it. Taking a road trip with little ones can seem daunting, but I have compiled all of our favorite road trip printables to keep your little ones busy. 

The License Plates Game- Pretty much everyone I know has played this game in some way. Simply look at the window as you drive and cross off the states license plates as you find them. I printed out this printable and then laminated it so we can use a dry erase marker to play the game over and over again. Download here.

Hangman- This is another fun and easy printable game. Simply download, laminate and then help your children with their reading and spelling by playing this grade school game. Download here.

Tic Tac Toe- This printable makes it really easy to play a best out of five game of Tic Tac Toe. Either print multiples or laminate to use it again and again. Download here.

The Dot Game- The dot game has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Each person takes a turn drawing one line between two dots. If you are the person to draw the fourth line on a box, you write your initial in the middle. The person who has the most completed boxes when the board is full is the winner! Download here.

 I Spy List- Print out this list and then give your child the task of writing down something they see that starts with each letter. Download here.

Travel Bingo- This fun and colorful Bingo is easy for everyone to play, even your non-readers. Look for all of the the items on the sheet and the first person to get a Bingo wins! I love bringing small prizes to give the winner. Download here.

For the dino lover in your life, print and laminate this cute, free printable mat. Pack a few of their dino friends and you have fun way to foster imagination. Find the Printable Dino Play Mat here.

 Run to your local dollar store for a cheap set of checkers. Print this travel checkers board and add magnets to your dollar store set and you have checkers that can easily be passed back and forth over seats for a child to play with a parent sitting in the passenger seat. Find the printable and more instructions here- Travel Checkers with Free Printable.

Print, Cut and Laminate these shapes for building fun. It is like bringing building blocks with you in the car without taking up so much space. Find the printable shapes here- Magnetic Building Shapes.
This matching game keeps the kids busy and helps them learn. Download here: Printable ABC Matching Game.

This Barn is perfect for playing with your farm animals!  Download here:Printable Farm Play Mat.

 This Ocean Play Mat really brings your fish friends to life! Download here: Printable Ocean Play Mat

A couple of match box cars and this printable mat is a match made in heave, Download here: Travel Car Play Mat

These fun and creative printables really made our trip enjoyable. How do you keep your kids entertained while on the road?
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