Monday, August 1, 2016

Celebrating Life's Milestones with Basic Invite

I have a bit of a confession. I love cards. If you close my front door and look behind it, you will find all of last year's Christmas Cards still covering the back of the door. I have binders full of wedding invitations that I can't bear to part with. These is something about a wedding invitation, baby announcement or even Christmas Card that says so much about the people that sent it. I love other people's cards and sending them myself, so when Basic Invite offered me the chance to review some of their cards, I jumped at it. Designing six different cards with their easy software was fun and simple.

Basic Invite only uses the best cardstock and has truly unlimited color combinations. You can change the color of each element of the card to your liking. They also do gold or silver foil for a truly gorgeous finish. You are able to create and preview your card immediately online, as well as order samples to view in person. The also have more than 40 different colored envelopes to make your invitation uniquely you.

While I don't have a need for wedding cards, baby shower invites or baby announcements anymore, I wanted to test out all of their different card types. I always wished I had an announcement of each of my little girls to display in my house, but my first daughter's announcement turned out so poorly, that I have never done it. I designed the same card around each daughter and I love how they turned out. The colors are soft and beautiful, perfect for a baby announcement. I am really impressed with the quality of the card. So many times I get announcements in the mail and they are wrinkled. I think these cards will hold up so well.

 They are a 5x7 card, so I was able to frame them. I only wish that I had these cards 8 years ago and they were the ones I sent out! 

My next card was a Save the Date for our wedding 10 years ago. I loved all of the different options. You could choose to include a photo or not and change and delete text to your liking. There were some amazing gold foil options that would be stunning on a card.

My absolute favorite part of Basic Invite is that they will allow you to order a sample card. You can design your invitation the way you want and then order a single card to make sure everything looks the way you want it. Basic Invite is the perfect way to get your custom made invitation without having to pay for a separate designed.

I also designed several different versions of this years Christmas Card. I fell completely in love with the one in the front, so I think that is the one we are going to order this year for our friends and family.

Also in the package of sample cards are samples of each of their different kinds of paper so you can see how each looks when printed. At Basic Invite, they really want you to know what you are getting and love it.

Basic Invite not only offers Christmas Cards and Baby Announcements, but they over Graduation Cards, First Birthday Invitations and Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations. These cards are absolutely gorgeous and the quality has won me over.

What kind of cards would you order?
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