Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Easy Angry Bird Pinata!

A few weeks back, I threw my kids a huge Angry Birds party. We did everything from play real Angry Birds to a Pinata. The kids had an amazing time, Angry Birds really lends itself to some fun activities and decorations! You can find the full party here, but today I am going to walk you through this easy pinata. 

Seriously, I am not sure a pinata can get easier than this one. I came together in about an hour and that INCLUDES drying time. I made it one night while my husband and I were watching a movie and I was done before the movie was over. 

You will need:

  • A paper lantern
  • crepe paper to match your lantern
  • Elmer's glue
  • the printable Angry Bird faces (found at the end of this post) 

The best kind of lantern to use as a base for a pinata is the really simple kind. The ones that have just paper and a little bit of metal. The ones with plastic, like in the picture below also work, just not as well as the simpler ones.

Fringe long strips of crepe paper, making sure to not cut all of the way through the paper. Glue the crepe paper on in layers around the lantern. You can glue it in long strips, turning as you go.

After your entire lantern is covered in crepe paper, allow it to dry completely. After your pinata is dry, you can kind of fluff the crepe paper up a little bit.

Print out the large face printables at the end of the post and cut out the piggie face (or whatever color of Angry Bird Pinata you made). Glue the face onto the paper lantern and allow to dry.

Hang the lantern in the middle of the room and let the kids go crazy with a stick!

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Do your kids love Angry Birds as much as mine do?

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