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Car Hacks Every Mom Needs

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I may not be a race car driver, but every day I kind of feel like one. Between racing kids to school, soccer practice and social activities, some days I am in my car more than I am out of it. Since my car is my home away from home I want it to be clean and have the things that I need most often in it. I have come up with some amazing and awesome ways to keep my car clean and organized. They are all easy to pull together and affordable. Here are some of my favorites. 

Do you know the cheapest and easiest way to keep your seats clean under car seats? Dish drying mats. The regular sized mats work great for each seat or you can buy two XL mats to go over your whole seat. I use dish mats because they are super absorbent, wash up really well and they mold to the car seat perfectly so that the seat is positioned just the way it is supposed to be.

I'll admit it, on long car rides I cave and let my kids have electronics in the car, but I have worked really hard to teach them they don't always need them, The best way I have found to keep them happy? This book basket. Since I only have two kiddos it goes in between their seats but I have a friend who has more that puts hers on the ground and it works great there too. This basket has picture books in it for the kids to read and look at. Every couple weeks I switch the books and the kids absolutely love this.

One of the ideas I have seen floating around Pinterest is to use a cereal dispenser as a trash can in your car. I LOVED the idea! I ran to the store and picked up a container and was ready for it to solve all of our family trash problems. Guess what? It didn't work. A lot of the trash in my car is cups and they were just too big for the garbage can, so I came up with something else.

Using grocery sacks as trash bags works really well for us in the car. I found a water bottle with a wide mouth opening and the dollar store and rolled a bunch of grocery sacks up and put them inside.

 It works great as a dispenser. I clean out the car every little while and this helps me keep everything clean.

The number one thing that has helped me be prepared for life's little emergency is my emergency kit in the back of my car. I keep a little bit of everything to make sure I have what I need for what life throws at me. Here is what I have in my kit.

A blanket- This is great for picnics or just cold winter days when the little ones in the back seat are cold.
A car shade- help keep the car cool during those summer months.
My grocery sack container- for garbage
Jumper Cables and my car jump guide- You never know when you or someone else is going to need a jump. You can download the awesome guide for jumping cars for free here.
Diapers and Wipes- If you have a little one in diapers you know you important carrying some spares can be. Even if I don't have a little one in diapers I carry wipes around to clean up messes.

Emergency Lights- for Emergencies
Scissors- really handy to have on hand and great if in an accident and you need to cut a seat belt.
Fix a Flat- for flat tire emergencies.
Rope and bungee cords
Advil® Film-Coated - This is my go to medication. I keep it in my car, my house and in my purse. If you have ever had a nasty headache, you know why. I have had headaches come on while I am driving and I need to get rid of them FAST so I can keep driving. That is why I keep this stuff on hand. It is a rapid release formula so it works quick.

I use fast acting Advil® Film-Coated, found at Walmart, for headaches, back pain and other aches and pains. Nothing is faster on tough pain.* You can find a coupon to try it for yourself here

Umbrella- for unexpected rainstorms
Tire Pressure Gauge
Flashlight- for changing tires in the dark or looking for lost toys
First Aid Kit- for small cuts and scrapes

I am lucky enough to have a car organizer in my trunk but all of this fits nicely in a plastic container too.

Between the stinky soccer cleats and forgotten french fries, my car always needs an air freshener. I have bought many and found myself frustrated with how fast they loose their scent and how much they cost. I finally decided to make my own and it has been fantastic, not only can I change the scent when I want, it is also WAY cuter than any I have seen in the store.

Grab a cheap air freshener from the dollar store and a cute hair clip. Take the plastic clip part out of the freshener and break the clip off the back of the hair clip.

 Line the back of your clip with felt and hot glue the air freshener clip to the center of it.

Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the back felt and then clip it to your vent in your car. When it looses it scent, just add a couple more drops.

Driving places with a 2-year-old is literally the most distracted driving I have ever done. She is always asking for a drink or accidentally pausing the movie on the tablet. I decided she needed things within easy reach and a place I could safely stash the tablet so she could watch her shows without bumping it. A shoe organizer, some duct tape and a little ribbon later, we have this organizer that we all love.

I found this canvas shoe organizer at Walmart. I picked this one because it had double stitching in between each row. That means I was able to cut off the two bottom rows of the organizer without fear of fraying on either side.

After you cut the two bottom rows off the organizer, slice the mesh pockets open on the top two middle pockets. Cut away the excess mesh material, leaving about a half inch on each side and the bottom. Place a strip of duct tape behind each piece of mesh and one on top, covering the mesh in tape. Repeat on the other side. Do the same for the bottom, except make sure to include the side pieces in between your two pieces of tape so it makes a pocket.

Cut a piece of ribbon just long enough to go from end to end of you organizer. Sew it to each side of the organizer.

 Hang the organizer over the seat of the car. Fill the pockets with things your little one might need. Mine has snacks, water, crayons, paper and other small toys in it.

 When you are ready for your kids to watch a show. Turn it on and slide it into the pocket at the top. It will hold it while they watch!

For all of the moms out there that feel like they are race car drivers too, tune in to watch Ty Dillon driving the #95 car in the upcoming Ford Ecoboost in Miami on November 20th. Support Ty in his race!

What are some of your favorite car hacks?
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