Friday, November 11, 2016

The perfect gifts for your Teen/Tween

Tweens can be hard to shop for. You want to buy them something fun, trendy and that they will love, but what is that? Check out our list for the hottest clothes, accessories, electronics and books all aimed at Tweens. Get your Tween something they will truly love this year . 

 LitJoy Crate is a subscription box that delivers a new book to the recipient each month. The crate contains a new release hard cover book, usually a note from the author and signed book plate for the book and then other items that go along with the story. 

 LitJoy Crate is my FAVORITE subscription box, it is like my present to myself each month. The two wonderful ladies behind LitJoy are fun, trendy, well read girls. They always pick fantastic items to go in each box, some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, lip gloss and books have come from these boxes. I use the headphones I received in one box every day. I have loved every single book and even found a couple of new favorites. I love this box so much that I personally subscribe to and pay for it each month. Order a subscription for your tween or tween here.

Bonita Beach Collection Roundie- These Roundies are every where right now. These towels are gorgeously designed and they work perfectly as a towel, a yoga mat or just an awesome statement making throw. These towels are made with 100% cotton terry velour, they are soft and just plain fantastic. After giving one to my teen, I don't think I will ever be able to get her to go back to a rectangle towel again!

Character Hair Bows- These awesome and clever hair bows will let your tween express her individual style without feeling like a little kid. They are well made and full of color! Choices include Harry Potter, Ariel, Lilo and Stitch and much more. Check them out here. 

Character Wallets- From Harry Potter to The Nightmare Before Christmas, these fun wallets will give a pop of character to your teen's purse! There are different sizes of wallets and many different choices to find one that is just right for teen!

Jewelry making supplies- Have a fashionista in your life? Buy her supplies or a gift card to Fizzy Pops so she can make her own amazing jewelry. Fizzy Pops has so many different colors and styles of beads, she will be able to make something for every outfit!

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes- This cute and easy DIY is bound to be the hit with any Harry Potter fan. This is a DIY but it is a really easy one, easy to make even if crafting isn't your thing.

Sweaty Bands - If you have a athlete or just a girl who loves their hair out of their face, stuff their stocking with Sweaty Bands. These performance head bands really keep the hair in its place so you can be as active as you want.

 iClever headphones- These cute and colorful headphones are the perfect gift for your tween. They feature an over the ears design, with soft and comfortable ear pads. They are lightweight to make wearing them more comfortable and they have an adjustable band to make them fit perfectly every time. They are also complete with volume limiting technology, so your kids can wear them and love them and you can rest assured that the volume isn't too high.

These iClever Headphones come in a bat inspired version, and a Christmas reindeer version.

 Lava Lamp- I actually didn't know that Lava Lamp's still existed until this Christmas season. My daughter came home begging for a Lava Lamp and so we checked out what they have on the market. WOW! They have so many different styles and varieties. We settled on a Glitter Chalboard Lava Lamp and my girls use it as a light in their room every single night.  It is a really cute piece of decor as well as a functional light and what parent doesn't love glitter that can't get all over? Find the lamp we have here and check out all of the other fantastic styles here.

Cute Monogram Winter Hats- Justice carries the cuties monogram winter hats. My girls love them and I love that they each have their initial so no fighting or mixing up.

Long Tunics and Printed Leggings- There is nothing more comfortable than cute tunics and printed leggings, we usually buy ours at Justice. I love buying a bunch so my girls can mix and match. 

Watchitude- These darling, water resistant slap bracelet watches are perfect for your tween. This watches are completely non-toxic and brilliantly printed. The slap band is a comfortable material and the watches come in so many different designs. From donuts to owls to bugs, there are more than 100 designs. 

Justice Athletic Wear- I feel like so much of the Althetic wear made for tweens isn't something they could actually practice in. I don't want to send my athlete to practice in clothes that don't stretch and bend the way they need them too. I love Justice's line of athletic wear, they have great neutral wear and some fantastic items that are personalized to each sport. Check them out here

YOU GOT THIS! by Maya S. Penn- When 16-year old CEO Maya S. Penn was named to Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul 100 this summer she held the distinction of being the youngest member on the list. An entrepreneur who began her company Maya's Ideas at only 8-years old, she is also an animator/film maker, artist, illustrator, philanthropist, girl’s rights activist and environmentalist. She has been featured in/on Forbes, CNN, TIME Magazine, The View, NPR, Wired, Essence, The Steve Harvey Show and more. She is the youngest female ever to do two back-to-back official TED Talks and they have tallied more than 1.2 million unique views online.

Maya's first book, YOU GOT THIS!, was released this year. This handbook for teens and young adults helps readers discover their passions and maximize their full potential for a creative, successful life. Inside she provides an innovative blueprint along with the tools she used to build an authentic, exciting, and connected life of her own.

What on this would your tween/teen like?

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