Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Doctor Who Christmas Tree

I have the greatest best friend in the whole world. You may think that you do, but ask yourself, "has my best friend made me a Doctor Who Christmas Tree?" I thought not. Every year, Lorene and I do the 12 days of Christmas for each other and each year it has become increasingly Doctor Who centered. 

A few years ago she created an AMAZING Doctor Who Christmas tree for me and has since give me ornaments for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Some of the ornaments she purchased and some of them she created, I have listed everything below so you can have an amazing Doctor Who tree too. 

I don't have a tutorial for the new ribbon garland because that is new this year, but I hope I can convince her to make one.

When this tree first started, it was a small three foot tree but it has since doubled in size. I think next year, I am going to have to buy another 9 foot tree to hold all of the ornaments.

This tree is a combination of homemade and store bought ornaments. Right below are links to all the store bought ornaments so you can purchase them for yourself and below that you can find all the tutorials to make the homemade ornaments. 

Doctor Who Mini Figures
3D Glasses
Hogwarts Express

Davros Ornament
Cyberman Bust
Weeping Angel

K9 Ornament
Tardis String Lights
Dalek Ornaments

 Felt Fez and Bow Tie Ornaments 
 DIY Tardis Key and Door Sign Charms 
 Doctor Who Floating Ornaments
 Felt Time Lord Hearts and Psychic Paper
 Doctor Who Picture Garland 
 Doctor Who Lego Figure Ornaments
 Sonic Screwdriver Ornament 

And there you have it, the best Christmas tree in time AND space. ;)
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Courteney Noonan said...

This is such a lovely idea! I've always wanted to do a themed tree but my mum won't let me - I always ask for Disney though haha x

Belle said...

Oh my! Such a great idea for a Christmas tree! It looks so much fun to decorate!

Belle | One Awesome Momma

Cynthia @craftoflaughter said...

What a fun tree! It makes me want to do a themed tree too. Maybe next year when I have room for a second tree!

Terri Steffes said...

You should be super proud of this tree and all the hard work that went into it. I am super impressed with it myself and I barely know who Dr. Who is in the first place.

Angela said...

OMG I LOVE THIS!!! Huuuuuge Doctor Who fan here! I love that the tree is so creative and still so festive for the holidays!

Kid Minds said...

I just love how creative you are! And what a fine example for your kids. You encourage them to be more creative too! I believe that creative thinking is at the heart of any successful career (and life)!

Rachel Catherine said...

I love all your themed trees! They're so fun and unique. Great traditions!

Kristin Swenson said...

That is so cool! You really commit! I should make a Marvel tree. My whole family is full of Marvel addicts!

Reesa Lewandowski said...

How cool is this tree!? My best friend is a Dr Who fan, so she would love this!!!

Brittany Muddamalle said...

This is such a fun idea! My brother is completely Doctor Who obsessed and he would love this tree! I'll have to set one up like this for him next year!

Becca Wilson said...

I love themed trees like this! Yours is so adorable and I love the Doctor Who theme.

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg what a cute Christmas tree theme!! Perfect for all the Doctor Who fans out there!

Adaleta said...

I love the creativity behind the tree. I myself don't watch Doctor Who, but I know there are SO MANY fans out there. This is such a beautiful tree!! xx Adaleta Avdic

blythe32 said...

This tree is so unique. The creativity is incredible and looks like you had a ton of fun creating it.

Leslie Hernandez said...

Wow this is supper cool!!! I love it looks like a lot of work went into decorating this tree but it was worth it right looks amazing!!