Monday, December 19, 2016

Harry Potter Christmas Tree

I have been sharing the ornaments from my Harry Potter Christmas tree all season long and now I am finally ready to share the whole tree. I started with a small Christmas tree this year because I thought it would take me several years to fill the tree up, but I already need a bigger tree. 

The tree is a good mix of handmade and store bought ornaments. Keep reading to below to find all of the tutorials and buying information.

Some of my favorite ornaments on this tree are the ones directly from the book itself. You can find how to make all four different kinds of book page ornaments here. 

 The Snitch on my tree makes me so happy. I love how easy the printable wings make this ornament. Find the tutorial for a Snitch ornament and download the wings here.

The little wands on the tree are my favorite. We made big ones out of chopsticks for the kids at my daughter's birthday party and made these little ones for the tree. Find the tutorial for making wand ornaments here.

If I am being completely honest, Neville is one of my favorite characters. I just had to have a Remembrall on my tree just for him. You can find the tutorial on how to make the Remembrall here.

 No Harry Potter tree would be complete without the flying keys from the first book. These one are really easy to make, you can find the flying key ornament tutorial here. 

 These potion bottle ornaments are made really simple with the free printable found in this post.

One of my favorite store bought things on my tree are these darling Harry Potter stuffed animals. They are not meant to be ornaments, just toys, but I left the plastic hooks on them that hung them up in the store and put them on my tree. You can find them here.

The smaller Harry Potter figures are actually key chains. There are two different series of Harry Potter key chains. The first series features items such as the Hogwarts Express, a Snitch and a ticket for Platform 9 3/4. You can find that series here.

The second series features characters such as Hermione and Hagrid. I adore this series and love the way they look on my tree. You can find Series 2 here. 

Instead of a star, on top of my tree sits a sorting hat. It is this one here. If you want a sorting hat for the top of your tree, I would be patient and watch the price on it. I have seen it go much lower.

At the foot of my tree sits the Hogwarts Express. One day I want a train track to go around the base, but right now I am loving my little Train. You can find the train I use here.

Instead of a tree skirt, my tree is wrapped in a scarf from my house, Gryffindor. My daughter keeps trying to replace it with a scarf from her house, Ravenclaw. It is a never ending battle of houses. This is the scarf at the bottom of my tree. 

I am so in love with me tree and I can't wait to add to it each year.

Do you know anyone who would love a Harry Potter tree?

Old Fashioned Keys
Gryffindor Scarf
Hogwarts Express

Sorting Hat
Harry Potter Keychains Series 2
Harry Potter Keychains Series 1

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