Friday, February 17, 2017

Mixing Patterns for Beginners

I used to be so hesitant to mix prints. What if I look ridiculous? Every outfit I put together looked like the one be;pw. Cute, but a little monochromatic. Then finally I decided, I would rather be happy, comfortable in my clothes and feel good about myself. So I have tried to jump out of my comfort zone and add mix patterns in my clothing. Here are some great tips for beginners. 

 Use a fun accessory to mix a pattern. This is a more subtle way to mix up patterns and a great way to start out if you aren't sure about adding patterns together. I like pairing a small pattern with a large pattern that way the outfit doesn't seem too overwhelming and there is still a focal point in the outfit. For florals like the skirt I am wearing, polka dots and stripes are easy and natural pairings.

One of my favorite ways to mix patterns is to add a graphic shirt to a patterned skirt. It is comfortable and a fun way to add a little bit of geek or sass to an outfit. I do this one a lot, it lets me wear Storm Trooper and Harry Potter shirts to church with a fun floral skirt. It dresses up the skirt and I almost look like a grown up. ;) 

A really easy way to start adding new prints is to add a monochromatic piece that matches the colors in your other patterned piece. Match colors, not prints. When it comes to patterns, animal print is considered a neutral so get a little wild crazy with it!

What is your favorite way to mix patterns?

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