Monday, June 25, 2012

Children's "Real" Doctor Kit

Shortly after our car accident, my three-year-old began having nightmares that I was hurt. In an effort to help calm the nightmares, we decided she needed a doctor kit. After looking at a million toy kits, she was always unhappy that she wouldn't be able to hear real heartbeats with the toy stethoscopes. We decided we could make a bag with real things that would be way more fun.

The first thing I did was order a real stethoscope from Amazon. I bought this one here, for about $6.50. It is perfect, not very expensive but you can hear your heartbeat just fine.

At the dollar store, I found an Ace bandage, a wrist guard and a little notebook for her to write her diagnoses in. I had an old digital thermometer that is out of batteries that I included, but I did see thermometers at the dollar store as well. I included a sewing measuring tape so she could measure her patients and a roll of stickers to give them when they behave.

I made a shot, reusable wooden band-aids, as well as a doctor's bag (tutorials for all three are coming soon). I have also purchased a few other items, such as a real reflex hammer, but she has to wait for her birthday to add it to her kit.

She was so thrilled with the kit. We play doctor at least once a day and the stethoscope goes pretty much everywhere with us. This kit has been a hit even with the older kids. The older kids can't get enough of the real bandages and the chance to hear their own heartbeat.

I love this kit. I really feel like it fosters great imaginative play and it provides me with plenty of teaching moments with my daughter. We have so much fun using it together.

*Update*- We have since bought my daughter this Otoscope (the device used to look in ears) and this Reflex Hammer. She has loved both and now it feels even more like a real doctor kit!
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