Monday, November 10, 2014

Create a Sonic Screwdriver Replica Charm or Tree Ornament

Housewife Eclectic: Sonic Screw Driver Ornament

I'm baaack... Lorene here again to share one of my favorite little geeky projects: sonic screwdriver replica ornaments.

Last Christmas, I made my favorite Whovian (that's Debra) a whole Doctor Who tree, complete with a Weeping Angel tree topper, character tree skirt, police box lighted sign, Doctors and companions garland, and oodles of Doctor-inspired ornaments. I've previously shared the Weeping Angel Tree Topper today I'm starting out the ornaments with these mini sonic screwdrivers.

Create a Mini Version of The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

  • two marbles, one blue and one green
  • various pens, slide whistles, or other longish items, preferably hollow
  • (optional) wire to wrap around to add texture
  • glue (I used hot glue)
  • spray paint
You can really use whatever you have on hand to create your screwdrivers. Great tutorial, huh? :) I made these mini-sized, only about 4 inches long, but you could really easily use larger elements to make them true to size. Here are the pieces I used for each screwdriver:

Housewife Eclectic: Sonic Screw Driver Ornament

For the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver:
  • dollar store slide whistle with the top whistle part cut off
  • hollow neck part of a cheap old toothbrush
  • dollar store highlighter cap (upside down)
  • blue marble
Housewife Eclectic: Sonic Screw Driver Ornament

For the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver:
  • top part (from the grip to the tip) of an old pen body
  • dollar store slide whistle main body section (both ends cut off) -- wrapped with wire to add texture
  • dollar store slide whistle slides for the retractable arm thingies (which are not retractable)
  • green marble
Piece together your elements so that they look like you want them to.

Before you glue them together, figure out how you're going to add your cord or hook to hang them on your tree (or wherever you're going to hang them). I used Dollar Tree slide whistles as the base for both of mine, so they already had small holes in the bottom that I just threaded cord through and tied a knot in.

Spray paint the assembled pieces BEFORE your glue the marble in. This might seem like a duh, but it seriously took a lot of thought for me to remember that! Also, don't wait until the coldest week of the year right before Christmas to try to spray paint these. It will make you miserable and the spray paint drippy because you're using heavy coats and trying to hurry :)

Now, it could be a little more sonic... but it's pretty fun nonetheless!


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