Thursday, February 12, 2015

14 Amazing Egg Roll Recipes

My mom makes the most amazing egg rolls. Seriously, she does. If my mom ever wants us to come visit, all she has to do is offer to make my husband egg rolls and he hops right in the car. They are hands down one of my husband's favorite foods, no one else's egg rolls even come close. 

After tasting the deliciousness that is my mom's egg rolls my husband started a quest to make as many different types of egg rolls as possible. To date he has created more than 10 different types, 6 are below, along with some delicious egg rolls from other bloggers. 

 BBQ Taquitos- Egg Roll Style on Housewife Eclectic
 Buffalo Wing Inspired Egg Rolls on Housewife Eclectic
 Chicken and Kale Egg Rolls on Housewife Eclectic.
 Eggtastic Egg Rolls on Housewife Eclectic
 Pizza Egg Rolls on Housewife Eclectic.
Steak and Mushroom Egg Rolls on Housewife Eclectic.
 Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls on Like Mother, Like Daughter.
 Vegetarian Egg Rolls on Like Mother, Like Daughter.
 Baked Southwest Egg Rolls on Who Needs A Cape.
 Irish Egg Rolls on Num's The Word.
 Homemade Egg Rolls on O Taste and See
 Mexican Egg Rolls by Nap Time Creations
 Southwest Egg Rolls on LeMoine Family Kitchen.
Baked Southwest Egg Rolls on 365ish Pinterest.

Which one do you most want to try?
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Masshole Mommy said...

They all look so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

bxcrochet said...

Those all look so good. I have never made my own egg rolls but I think I might try now.

Michelle F.

Liz Mays said...

I thought I didn't like egg rolls, but you've just proven to me that I still can. Some of those versions are right up my alley!

Debi Wayland said...

OMG I love egg rolls! And these all look amazing! How can I pick just one? I need them all!

Laura O in AK said...

What a great round up of egg roll recipes. I usually take the easy way out and purchase at the store.

Amy Stenehjem-Kelsch said...

They all look great! I am impressed with the number you guys have created. Some really fun ingredients. I think l would like the Chicken and Kale the best.

Lori Who Needs A Cape? said...

Just a lovely collection, now I need to make Egg Rolls STAT!!!

Caitlin Fore said...

Egg rolls! You are speaking my language!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I can't even pick a favorite. They all look amazing!

Katrina Gehman said...

my husband loves egg rolls. i'm going to have to try the buffalo wing one!!!

Debi said...

I love egg rolls. I am always adding new things to the wrappers. I have to try some of these.