Thursday, January 21, 2016

Where We Have Lived and Loved Map Chalkboard

I have a thing for maps. I love the memories seeing maps of places I have been and lived. It brings back all of the memories of that place. This Valentine's Day, I wanted to incorporate all of the places that have been so special to our family over the years. I created this fun chalkboard with all of the places that have special meaning to our family.

You will need:

Look up each of the places you want to include on your chalkboard in Google Maps. Screenshot the map and then print out the screen shot. Use a heart shape, I like this one here, to trace around the part of the map that shows where you lived and cut the heart out. I then used a laminator to laminate each of the hearts so that in the future I can pull the hearts off and use the chalkboard for something else. If you want it to be a permanent piece, you can Mod Podge the hearts onto the chalkboard.  This is the laminator I have and I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use and I have used it for just about everything from Chore Charts to Paper Dolls.

After the hearts are laminated, cut them out again. Tape the hearts to your chalkboard in whatever pattern you desire. Then using a chalk marker, add why that map is significant to you next to it. I highly recommend a chalk marker instead of just chalk because they give a cleaner finish than normal pieces of chalk do.

For our family I used maps of where we met, where we were married, where we lived when we were newlyweds, where we became a family of three and where we became a family of four. Some other map ideas include favorite trips you have taken, where you got engaged, where each of you are from and any other place that holds significance if your life.
What maps would you include on your chalkboard?
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