Friday, June 17, 2016

Red White and Blue Mantel

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the BBQs and spending time together. The fireworks, the red, white and blue, I love it all. I put together this mantel celebrating my favorite holiday and I am absolutely in love with it. I took several variations to get it to this, but I am very happy with it.

The paper fans came two in a pack at my local dollar store. I bought two packs and hung them with string from the old window I like to use in a lot of  my mantels.

The blue lanterns are from the dollar spot at Target. I put battery operated candles in them but honestly haven't even ever turned them on.

The Glitter Tape Flag is so easy to make and I just used scrap wood I had laying around! You will need:
You will need:
  • Navy Paint
  • White Paint
  • American Crafts Glitter Tape in Red
  • American Crafts Folded Paper Star Pebbles
  • 2 pieces of 2x4, one 3.5 inches long, the other 5 inches
To read the full instructions on how to make this Glitter Tape Flag go here

This Glitter 2x4 Flag is one of my favorite creations. For this project you will need:
  • a 2x4 cut into pieces, you need two 7-inch blocks and 3-3.5 inch blocks
  • Contact paper or a large star sticker
  • Red, White and Blue paint
  • Glitter Paper in Red and White
  • Loose Glitter in White
To read the complete instructions for the 2x4 Glitter Flag go here

These vases are completely from my local dollar store. The sand is a mix of red and white sand from the craft section and the flowers and star are from their seasonal selection. I found the trick to make dollar store flowers look good in a vase is to buy several bundles so it looks full.

How do you decorate for the 4th?
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Karen Morse said...

I am totally with you about the 4th of July! I love the summer and that holiday and BBQ...all of it. But, I've never decorated it up in my house for it. You are inspiring me, girl! Loving your DIY ideas!
Karen |

Yvonne Sowell said...

I think my mantel is pretty much the same all year round. But, this year we are decorating our back yard for the July 4th festivities. Also that my son will turn 1 the next day makes it a bit worth the effort! I'm thinking red, white and blue themed hot air balloon party! 😊

Sara said...

I wish we had our own place as I used to enjoy decorating for the seasons. The fireplace here doesn't have a mantel. I like how you reuse things you already have like the window and the blocks.

The thing about making the blocks is that you can store them for the next season of Red, White, and Blue. ^_^

tialea2 said...

Love this! My daughter was just saying that we need to get ready for a Patriotic theme on our mantel. I will have to show her this for inspiration!

Roxanne Ferber said...

This is so super sweet! I love it! I can't believe how close we are to July 4th I better get my decorating started!!

reesa said...

love your mantel! So pretty and perfect for the time of the year!

Ali Gilbert said...

You are so creative!! This looks so nice and patriotic for the upcoming holiday! And, can I just say that I LOVE the dollar spot at Target where you got the blue lanterns?! Such cute stuff for super cheap.

jillconyers said...

We have an annual July 4th party every year. For the most part it's all outside so I've never really decorated the inside of the house. Maybe I will this year.

Amanda Love said...

I just LOVE your mantel. I always pick up these cute things at the Target Dollar Spot myself and it amazes me of all the great finds that you can find at the dollar store too.

Wow Di said...

I don't have a mantel (I live in southern california, rarely use the heating) and so I decorate the porch and entry way. I pick up things from everywhere, dollar store is a good place because I get bored seeing the same stuff year after year.

Sarah said...

This is so pretty! I love patriotic home decor and you have done a wonderful job!

Heather said...

Whenever I see pretty mantels like yours, I get so jealous! In my next home I would love to have a mantel to decorate, I always see such amazing ideas!

Megan McCoig said...

All of your designs are so gorgeous, I love the sparkle the glitter tape adds to the whole thing!

Codi Lynn said...

This is a gorgeous set up and will be perfect for July 4th!

Sahana Ajeethan said...

Love your mantel! Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to have you again this week.