Thursday, November 17, 2016

Easy Felt Tree

This post is sponsored by Little Partners, all ideas and opinions are my own 

These cute felt trees are everywhere and I have wanted to make one for my girls for a long time, but every single one I have looked at required a lot of cutting and sewing. I wanted my girls to be able to start having fun right away, so I came up with a tree that is just as cute and takes less than 30 minutes to pull together! 

You will need: 

  • a large piece of green felt 
  • good scissors
  • buttons or small ornaments 
  • white crayon 
  • sticky back velcro
  • a felt board (we love and use a Little Partners Tri-Side

Fold a piece of green felt in half. Use a white crayon to sketch out half of the tree on the felt.

Cut out the tree.

Find an assortment of buttons or small ornaments that will fit on your tree. I found these really awesome Christmas light buttons. If you buttons have loops on the back use a pair of wire cutters to trim them loop off. Place a small piece of velcro on the back of the button. Use the rough side of the velcro so that it will stick to the felt tree.

 That's it! Seriously a felt tree in less than 30 minutes. No sewing or excess cutting required. My kids absolutely love this tree and play with it every day. It is a fun and easy way to keep them away from our real tree!

My kids play with our Christmas tree on a large felt board. We love this tri-side from Little Partners because not only is there a big felt board, but there is a basket at the bottom to keep all of the pieces together when they aren't playing.

The Little Partners Tri-Side Easel is one of my very favorite things we own for our children. It fosters creativity and imagination. One side is the felt board that we made the tree for, one side is chalkboard and one side has a magnetic dry erase board. The coolest thing? It has a place for a roll of paper on top so the kids can pull paper down to draw or paint. There are four no-spill paint container too to make it less stressful for your kids to paint.  The storage shelf underneath holds all sorts of art supplies, making it easy to keep things picked up. My kids love how many different ways they can create with this easel. I love that it is sturdy, made from real wood and has places to put everything you need to create on the easel itself to minimize clutter.

My kids have spent hours creating at this easel. We have used the easel for everything playtime,

teaching homework concepts and 

 soccer field strategy.

We love our Little Partners products and the freedom they give us to create and play with our kids. Right now you can use the code HWE10 to get 10% off at Next on our list to make? A felt snowman! 

Tri-Side Easel
Christmas Buttons
Green Felt
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